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These adorable DIY flower pots are worthy of displaying in your home. Those beautiful plants and flowers of yours deserve equally beautiful flower pots.

These affordable 5 DIY unique flower pot ideas are fun and easy to DIY. From painted flower pots to recycled household items.

01 DIY Recycled Glass Jar

Recycle your glass jars by cleaning them out and painting them with colourful paint to change the exterior color. Or simply leave them as they are especially for table centerpieces.

02 DIY Upcycled Tea Pot

Use your creativity to use just about any old unused home item and turn into a unique flower pot. This gives you an idea to use just about anything from tea pot, tea cups, old boots, old tub the list is endless. You can use them as they are or give them new colour.

03 DIY Covered Flower Pot

Covering flower pots is so in! The sweet thing about this is that you can cover with just about anything that comes to your mind. Use a plain flower pot or an old one and breath life into it. Cover your flower pot with twine, crochet, yes knit for your flower pot! You can also cover it with fabric and newspapers.

04 DIY Concrete Flower Pot

Create a flower pot from scratch with concrete. Simply pour your concrete mixture into your chosen container. Make a hollow hole in the middle, this is where your plant will sit. Let it dry and remove it from the container. Paint it or just enjoy the rustic look.

05 DIY Recycled Tire Flower Pot

Not much work needed here. Jazz up your garden with an old tyre. Give it some colour and those flowers are ready for their new home.

Those are my favourite easy 5 DIY unique flower pot ideas. What creativity have you shown on your garden?


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